Catalogue of Greek tales

The Ceramic Art of Rhodes

The eagle-eyed visitor to the islands of the Dodecanese will undoubtedly have gazed upon some of the characteristic historic leftovers of the Italian occupation of the islands – the ceramic tiled murals.

Read Gerald Brisch’s article which exposes hitherto little-known facts about the ceramics industry of Rhodes in the first half of the 20th century, and its leading figure, Egon Huber.

A Courageous Village

A heart-warming story of a wartime tragedy and the bravery of the people of the village of Diafani in the north of the island of Karpathos.

*** Update June 2022 – “Secret Statement” surfaces ***

In the Years of the War – 2nd Edition

The second edition of stories from the people of Olympos and Diafani, in the north of Karpathos, about events and day-to-day life under the occupying Italian and German forces during World War II, as told to Manolis Makris.

The Kidnap and Travels of the Karpathos Lady

On the island of Karpathos, shortly before midday on Monday, April 20th, 1885, a 6000-year-old female figure, hidden under a carpet, carried on the back of a man from Anafi, was smuggled onto a ship in Pigadia harbour, never, to this date, to return to her island home.

This is the story of her kidnap and of how she later travelled the world under her new name of the ‘Karpathos Lady’.

Of Crows and Swans and Calamine

In the winter of 1883-4, the British travellers Theodore and Mabel Bent visited Antiparos to excavate ancient grave sites on the island. Their excavations yielded numerous finds which are now in the British Museum. For well over a century, the location of Theodore’s site remained a mystery. But the answer had always been there, hidden away in the lines of Theodore’s book and Mabel’s chronicles.

In Greek Waters

In the winter of 1883-4, the British travellers Theodore and Mabel Bent visited Antiparos to excavate ancient grave sites on the island. During his excavations, Theodore took a day off to go fishing. Read his entertaining account of the day, his description of some unconventional fishing techniques and the experiences of his boatman when kidnapped by pirates.

On a Far-off Island

In 1885, the British travellers Theodore and Mabel Bent visited Karpathos. In an adventure-packed stay, after almost being shipwrecked, they travelled throughout the island, befriended the Turkish governor, became involved in a murder plot and joined in the traditional Easter celebrations in the mountains of the north of the island. This ebook describes their visit and presents a unique record of Karpathiote life, customs and beliefs, undocumented by any other travellers at that time.

Καλό Πάσχα – Easter in Amorgos

Easter is always an extra special time throughout Greece but, for 2020, celebrations have been necessarily more subdued and visitors have been unable to travel to join in the celebrations. Watch the YouTube video of the Easter celebrations at the church of Agios Georgios in Katapola, Amorgos on Saturday April 30th and Sunday May 1st 2016.

Love in the LevantLove in the Levant

The true story of an aristocratic British archaeologist and his profound love for the Greek goddess he encountered on the remote Greek island of Kalymnos.

An Astypalea AdventureAn Astypalea Adventure e-book

In March 1886, the intrepid British travellers Theodore and Mabel Bent visited and wrote about Astypalea. Their writings represent a unique record of Astypalean life, customs and beliefs at a time when the island was still under the control of the Turkish Ottoman empire and normal life was developing after the scourge of the piracy of previous centuries.

The legend of Kera Panagia and the tragic story of the hermit monk Vasilis

The idyllic beach at Kera Panagia is said by many to be the most attractive on Karpathos, with its crystal-clear waters and the beautiful church of the Panagia perched on the heights above. But how many visitors know the legend of the origins of the church and the tragic story of the hermit monk, Vasilis, who looked after it?

The Realm of the Miraculous

The wartime story of a saintly Monk, a German Commander and the saving of the lives of 125 men from the firing squad on the island of Paros.

Remembering the Kassos Massacre

A video of the ceremony held in Fry, Kassos on June 6th and 7th, 2019, in memory of the 1824 Kassos Massacre.

The Syra British Cemetery, Syros

A story about the British Cemetery on the island of Syros, its role in the British Empire, the Great War, its links to three English authors and a grisly discovery on the island of Amorgos.

Theodore and the Sabouna

A video exploring the sabouna, or Greek bagpipe, and one Englishman’s love/hate relationship with the instrument.

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