A response from the EC & a successful Mastercard chargeback [am200603]

Hi there, Im struggle too with this shitty company, European comission send me this message:

View the response from the European Commission

At the moment I could claim by my bank, n26, and surprisely they refunded to me the money, but Aegean has 45 days to take my money back. I even think about move all my money to another account just in case but I will keep it there for now. My card is MASTERCARD debit. Hope is useful for you.

Hope you get your money back soon, safe flights!

Kind regards,

[am200603 – real name protected]

One thought on “A response from the EC & a successful Mastercard chargeback [am200603]”

  1. Thank you so much for contacting me to tell me your story which l hope will help others trying to gain their refunds.

    I’m pleased that you were successful and I’m sure Aegean will not contest the chargeback. Maybe you can let me know if Aegean does contest it.

    Thanks again. Safe travels.

    Alan King

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