Playing YouTube videos

Playing the video

Clicking on the ‘Play’ icon in the centre of the video window will start the video.

Pausing and restarting

While the video is playing, clicking again on the window, or on the ‘Pause’ icon in the bottom left of the window, will pause it – to restart it, click on the window again or on the ‘Play’ icon in the bottom left fo the window.

Muting or adjusting the soundtrack volume

When the video is playing, or when it is paused, you can mute the soundtrack by clicking on the ‘Speaker’ icon at the bottom of the window. You can adjust the soundtrack volume level by hovering over the icon and using the displayed slider to set your preferred volume level.

Playing the video full-screen

Once the video is playing, you can click the YouTube ‘Full-Screen’ icon in the bottom right corner of the video to display it full-screen for your full enjoyment.