During the winters between 1882/3 and 1883/4, the intrepid explorers Theodore and Mabel Bent left their home and opulent lifestyle in London’s fashionable West End to meander around the Greek islands in search of adventure in the exotic Levant.

They travelled by steamer, sail-boat, mule and on foot, staying in the finest houses, the humblest dwellings and under open skies, often sharing their sleeping quarters with brigands, fleas and domestic animals. Along the way Mabel penned her diary and Theodore made notes recounting their amazing adventures, local customs, music, dance and much more.

In December 1883 and February 1884, the couple visited Antiparos to excavate ancient grave sites on the island. Their excavations yielded numerous finds which established Theodore's credentials as an archaeologist; many of those finds are now in the British Museum. This ebook is a digitised extract from Theodore's book ‘The Cyclades or Life Among the Insular Greeks’ in which he recounts details of his visit and the excavations he undertook on the island. The full book may be downloaded for free from the website

Theodore and Mabel

Theodore and Mabel Bent were truly intrepid explorers who travelled extensively in Greece and along the Turkish coast. Their thirst for adventure later saw them in Africa, Arabia and Persia. Read about their extraordinary lives on the website

This publication is the companion ebook to the web page 'Of Crows and Swans and Calamine' (, which tells the story of how knowledge of the precise location of Theodore's excavation site was lost for over 100 years and how it was located using Theodore's book and Mabel's chronicles. The ebook may be viewed on-line or downloaded as a free ebook in a number of formats:

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