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Sometimes the information is useful but not always easy to find. I have not found a good beetle, wasp, bee or fly list for Richmond Park but did find a butterfly list (once!) which is how I knew there should be Purple Hairstreaks in the Park! The Dutch illustrated keys (Robber and Soliderflies) given on the next page are very easy to use if you have photographed the right parts of the insect.

  • Naturespot – the Leicestershire & Rutland NHS website – Brilliant but does not always cover the more southern species (i.e. Villa bee-flies)!
  • For bugs (mirid and shield, etc,) a good website is;
  • BWARS (Bees, Wasp and Ants Recording Scheme) – a fantastic resource for these groups in particular. Used in particular to confirm IDs although it so has some useful references and keys (some free to download). Useful of the face photos for helping with the Cerceris IDs
  • Jeremy Early “On my side of the fence”. Good for some invertebrate groups. Some superb photographs of insects especially those of wasps in flight. A site that will grow so worth checking it again and again.


  • van den Broek R & Schulten A (2013) “Roofvliegen van Nederland en België (inclusief Denemarken en de Britse Eilanden) (Diptera – Asilidae)”
    Brilliant key for this group downloadable as a PDF and with lots of photos.


  • Reemer M (2014) “Veldtabel wapen- en bastvliegen van NederlandDiptera: Stratiomyidae & Xylomyidae)” = “Field Key to the Soldierflies of the Netherlands (Diptera: Stratiomyidae & Xylomyidae)”
    Downloadable PDF key to this group with lots of photos
    An English translation of the key is available via the Dipterist’s Forum (online).