Annotated Hoverfly list – April

  • Eristalis sp – Certainly more than one species but proved difficult to ID due. Need to see the face
  • Eristalis pertinax – Male “owning” the top of a small bush
  • Syrphus vitripennis  – Single seen.
  • Dasysyrphus sp – Female seen egg laying on Red Valerian plant with aphids on it (the larval prey)
  • Rhinga rostrata – Appeared to be this species rather than R.campestris
  • Myathropa florea – Like the same sunlight perches. Common
  • Epistrophe eligans – Appeared to perch lower on the bushes than other hoverflies. Nearly all gone by the last week of April
  • Platycheirus sp – 1 Found in the same spot most days. Grey and black
  • Platycheirus sp – 2 Yellow and black abdomen
  • Syritta pipiens –  A few at the back of the garden
  • Myathropa florea –  Common and aggressively defended an area around the preferred perch(s). Often perches around about head height
  • Epeodes latifasciatus – Singleton
  • Helophilus pendulus – Several at the back of the garden
  • Melanostoma scalare – Singleton (see below)
  • Episyrphus balteatus – Surprisingly few of these. A few dark forms typical of the spring brood
Hoverfly - Melanostoma scalare
Hoverfly – Melanostoma scalare