Nellie and Monk

This is the blog of a man called Monk and an elephant answering to the name of Nellie.

For 35 years, Monk and his beautiful Irene had such a wonderful life and shared so many adventures together until one day in April 2009 when Irene was called back to the jungle with so much left yet to do. Monk determined to continue those adventures and to take Irene with him in his heart.

Some might consider it a sign of impending insanity to be found apparently talking to oneself – so – enter Nellie to save the day because, as we all know, 9 out of 10 psychiatrists would agree that it’s perfectly normal to talk to a soft toy!

This blog will contain trip details for friends and family wanting to keep a track on the progress of Nellie and Monk as well as tips, advice and, hopefully few, warnings for travellers. If you stumbled upon this blog by chance, I hope that some of the information might prove useful to you. However, the faint-hearted should be warned that there might be some explicit content (of an emotional nature) from time to time; please accept my apologies for this and just skip the Monk’s Meanders sections if your interest is purely the travel detail.

My darling Peeps, this blog’s for you – may we meet one night in the silver light …