Prévyza (Préveza) – April 30-May 1

After leaving ‘Albania’ on November 11, 1848, at the end of his first journey, Lear spent nine days in quarantine on the island of Santa Maura, present-day Lefkada. Since 1810, Lefkada had been ruled by the British, who, by 1815, were in control of Corfu and the other Ionian islands. It wasn’t until 1864 that The United States of the Ionian Islands were finally ceded to Greece.

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After his quarantine on the island of Lefkada (Santa Maura) Lear travelled to Malta … then Egypt etc and back to Greece for two months with FL.

After bidding farewell to Lushington, Lear spent 5 days in Corfu catching up with old acquaintances before hitching a ride to Preveza on a ship carrying a party of Albania-bound British consular officials.

We were off Prévyza at four p.m., when I once more set foot in Epirus. Signor Damaschinó, the Vice-consul at Ioánnina, and my acquaintance of last year, his wife, and her brother Viani, were also of the Albanian-bound party, and we were all soon heartily welcomed at the Consulate by Mr. Saunders and his ever-hospitable family.


Prevesa (Préveza, now in Greece)
William Thomas Meyer C 1810 [?] [? transferred to Janina in 1819]
Sidney Smith Saunders C 1835 [see under Janina]
T.S. Hutton apptd VC Aug 1840 [PP1848][but J.S. Hutton VC 1850, 1852 [MNL]]
[T.S. Hutton VC 1840-1852 [Gunning]]
Ajax Nicholas Caravias (Caravia) apptd VC 22 Mar 1856, resigned Nov 1857 [FOL]

We think we found the British Consulate in Preveza. It’s mentioned in a TripAdvisor review for a restaurant called Ambassador. It’s on the corner of Nikis and Konemenou. Google Earth (2014 image) shows it draped in hoardings as though being restored. The back of the building has the curved arches of the 1913 piccie but we can’t see the detail of the front of the building. When we visit, we hope the restoration has been completed and the doorway has remained intact. In one of the pictures in the TA review you can see those same curved windows arches.

View the location of the former British Consulate in Preveza

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Arta (now in Greece)
~[consulate established in 1769 [Wood, p. 164]]
. . .
G. Boro apptd VCU 10 May 1848 [FOL]


*** Painting of Arta from JLPA

The lake of Xero-Limne bears some resemblance to that of Ulleswater in Westmoreland. It lies among high limestone rocks, which are covered by many varieties of dark-green shrubs and trees hanging over the water, and deepening the shade cast on it by its steep banks. Here and there some water-flowers bloom upon the surface, and throw a little light upon its gloomy colour. The only sounds near it are those of the wild-fowl startled from its weeds by the footsteps of the traveller. The road lies on its eastern brink ; it is skirted by a forest of oak, beech and maple, which thickens on both sides as we proceed. The river is heard dashing along its rocky bed, at no great distance to our right, but is not seen from the route till we cross a path which passes over it by the bridge of the “Pasha’s Lady.”




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