Contribute a tale

If you have something that you would like to add to the website, we are always pleased to consider any contributions.  Our criteria are wide — as long as it’s of general interest , we’ll probably go with it. It can be on a social, cultural, historical, travel or topical theme etc etc – but, please, no modern-day politics. It can be in any of the forms:

  • a written tale (with or without illustrations)
  • a series of written tales
  • an audio tale
  • a video tale
  • unique photographic material on a particlar theme

If your tale already exists, send it to us and we’ll look it over and get back to you. If it’s something you’ll need to do some work on, send us a brief overview of it before you invest any time in preparing it.

If you have a number of written tales that logically belong together, we are able to take collections of related tales and ‘bind’ them into an e-book for downloading or reading on-line.

Let us know by using our contact page or drop us an email to admina\@\b.c@talea\@\

You must be willing to allow free access to the material you put on this website – we have no plans to introduce a charging scheme for viewing, listening to or downloading your work. Your material MAY be a sample of a greater or similar work for which you, or a third party, charges, however, the sample must be complete in itself and must not be of an insubstantial nature.

You MUST own the copyright to your material, or have proof that the copyright holder has assigned you the right to act on his/her behalf, or it must be in the public domain.