The Cancer Challenge

The amount of money owed to me by Aegean Airlines is relatively small. It is NOT the money which is driving me to fight for a refund, rather, it is the principle. I feel affronted by the immoral and illegal actions of Aegean Airlines and the Greek government.

When I realised on May 7 that I would need to spend a lot of time and effort in obtaining my refund, I decided that WHEN I do succeed, I will donate it to Cancer Research UK to help in its battle to fight this awful disease.

Aegean – why not show how compassionate and caring you really are? Why not match my donation euro for euro, pound for pound? That WOULD impress me and, maybe, all your other disenchanted customers too. It might actually persuade them to fly with you again!
SO – Aegean – the challenge. DO THE RIGHT THING – HELP CANCER RESEARCH UK TO BEAT CANCER. You can refund the money to me personally and I will make the donation and post the receipt onto this website, or, you can donate it yourself by clicking on the logo or link below. If you donate it yourself, you will need to increase the amount by 25% note 1 . The link goes to my Cancer Research UK fundraising page and I will receive an email from them when you make the donation.


Update August 13 2020

Well, surprise, surprise! Aegean did NOT rise to the Cancer Challenge. I’m still fighting for the refund via a chargeback through my credit card company who, because of their mishandling of my application, have awarded me a compensation payment of £25 which I’ve donated to Cancer Research UK – see the receipt. You can read about my progress with the chargeback.

Note 1: The UK government operates a ‘Gift Aid’ scheme whereby donations made to charity by individuals are matched by a 25% donation from Government in recognition that income tax has already been paid on the donation amount made by the individual. ‘Gift Aid’ donations do not apply to companies or non-UK-taxpayers. Hence, to match what Cancer Research UK would receive if I personally make the donation, you would need to add the 25% yourselves.
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