An ‘Aegean’ Affair – a lament for unrequited love

Oh dear! It’s always so, so sad when a long-standing love affair hits the rocks.

For years, Aegean has been the love of my travelling life. Excitement arises in me every time I’m scheduled to be with her. In my trips worldwide, using many airlines, I’ve often yearned for the tender, reassuring embrace of my beloved Greek goddess.

Alas, I now realise that it’s all been a fruitless, one-sided love affair. She only wanted me for my money, and, not content with having taken my willingly-given, hard-earned cash, over all those years, she cynically decided to put her hand into my pocket and steal what she could at a time when I could least afford it.

She tells me she wants to meet me sometime over the next 18 months, but I’m not absolutely sure she’ll be around for long enough to keep the appointment and I fear she will disappear without trace, together with MY money.

Either way, our flight paths will, thereafter, never again cross.

Farewell my love, it was good while it lasted. My only regret is that you, and your partner-in-crime, the Greek government, could not summon up the moral fortitude to solve your financial problems without irrevocably alienating those who loved you, who sustained you and who put their misguided faith in you. Αντίο αγάπη μου – για πάντα. Να είσαι καλά.