In aid of Cancer Research UK

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Cancer Research UK ‘in aid of’ logo

This ebook has been produced in memory of Irene and all the loved ones lost to this awful disease. Its aim is to support fundraising for the life-saving research work carried out by Cancer Research UK.

The ebook may be freely copied and shared, including via public websites, provided nothing is added to or deleted from the original. You must not take any payment from anybody you share it with unless that payment is donated in its entirety to Cancer Research UK.

Thanks to supporters like you, Cancer Research UK has saved millions of lives by discovering new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer. Over the past century, its researchers have made consistent progress in the fight against cancer, and survival rates have doubled over the past 40 years.

Your continued support will ensure that Cancer Research UK is able to further its ground-breaking research so that "Together we will beat cancer"!

If you enjoy this classic Christmas tale, please consider making a small donation to Cancer Research UK using our 'inAid' fundraising page on the Cancer Research website. The payment is taken directly by Cancer Research UK. Just click on the following link to go to the donation page at Cancer Research UK.

Thank you.

Alan King