The Voice of Olympos

To my surprise and delight this ‘snapshot’ has been translated into Greek and published in the March 2021 edition of the newspaper Η Φωνή της Ολύμπου (The Voice of Olympos), specifically issued each month with news and information of interest to the citizens of Olympos/Diafani. Hereunder is a short ‘leader’ article that preceded it.

Bob Bowden

September 1943. Day …Tuesday around 10 a. m. Outside Diafani, off the coast from Kalamia, an Allied bomber plane is hit by antiaircraft fire and ditches. The event comes to life in the article of Bob Bowden, entrusted to me for publication by Giorgos M. Makris.

Bob Bowden is of English descent and a friend of Diafani/ Olympos. He lived in Diafani with his wife for some years and got to know the place and its people well. The historic event is recreated through the testimonies of the pilot of the ill fated plane, Peter Kennedy and Dr Andreas Lamprou, who was called to treat the crew.

However, the reason for the writing of this article was none other than the need that Coralie Ganly, the daughter of another crew member, Sergeant Jack Ganly felt to visit the place that had left an indelible mark on his life, Diafani.

An important part in the successful outcome was played by Margarita Dassas Appleby and her long time relationship with Diafani.

Thus, apart from the historic event in itself, between the lines of Bob Bowden’s article is the story of the strength of the bond that can develop between people and places. It shows the cultural and emotional power that a place, in our case Diafani, emits determined by important events that affect the lives of ordinary people. This power is contained in one word, Love. With this love in places and faces everything begins and ends.

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